Take the Risk out of Your Trade by using AI Information Technology



Sourcing is discovery and validation of new suppliers.
Sourcing is used by importers when they look for new suppliers. You can discover new suppliers through data driven approach and know the pros and cons of these potential suppliers. It is also a great tool for due diligence before travelling to China and India to meet new suppliers.


Vetting is your way to secure your trade. Tiidan will insure payments to your suppliers.

When you are about to make a payment to a supplier you do not trust open a vetting request in Tiidan. Once Tiidan reviews your supplier and approve it your payments are secured and if anything will go wrong (according to Vetting T&C) Tiidan will refund your payments.


Monitoring is the recommended method to use with the suppliers you currently trade with. It will give you a methodological process of active due diligence so you will always be alerted on time.

Tiidan will update you on any change in this supplier’s profile, including decrease in his trading volume, legal threats, corporate changes and more.

Tiidan Vs. Competition



No data is collected from the supplier or delivered by him.

Actually, the supplier DOES NOT know we monitor his business



Data is available within 2 hours.

Compare to over 2 weeks through our competitors



We cover 100% of suppliers in China, India, Hong-Kong, Taiwan, South Korea, Thailand and many more



Our AI algorithms reviewed thousands of companies which failed to deliver their trade commitments.

Now our algorithms can assess the risk of your trade partner not delivering your goods on time


“Today we have no idea about the supplier. I liked the report from the beginning, the data will help the company to understand the supplier”,

Sourcing Manager, Pernambucanas

“Yesterday we got the first shipment from the supplier you found for us. Thank you"

Procurement Director, Vemtex


We founded Tiidan when we identified the weakest point in today’s global sourcing market.

Lack of Data and Credit Risk Reports

We come from industrial families who have been involved in international trade for many years. Therefore, we are familiar with the "old" risk mitigation methods like Letter of Credit, Documents for Collection and similar ones as well. We are also aware of Business Intelligence companies like Dun & Bradstreet. However, none of these are relevant in the way trade is done today.

We cannot wait 2-3 weeks to get approval for our transaction or to get data.
Often times we need to decide whether or not we can execute a trade transaction within one day, or even just a few hours.

Also, we found it impossible to insure our risks which involve Chinese groups or Indian suppliers, not to mention getting credit from lenders for down payments.

Tiidan decided to do it differently.

We approach risk assessment from a modern data driven approach.

We collect massive amounts of data, and we scan all suppliers in each industry and category.

This BIG DATA enables us to run advanced artificial intelligence algorithms to detect risky companies on one hand, and recommends the best and most trustworthy suppliers on the other.


If you need an urgent help with a specific supplier or with a payment to a supplier which you are not sure about, please leave a message on the online form or drop us an email and we will get back to you immediately.

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